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FootSoothers Skelocore Tri-Layer Comfort Orthotic Insoles

New FootSoothers Skelocore Tri-Layer Comfort Orthotic Insoles
  • Brand: FootSoothers
  • Product Code: SKELOCOREFULL
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LEADING MARKET BRAND OF ORTHOTIC INSOLES: FootSoothers® one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of dynamic orthotics & lifestyle insoles, innovative foot and toe care protective items and general wellbeing feet & body supports.

OPTIMAL BIOMECHANICAL ERGONOMIC & LATRERAL ARCH SUPPORT FOR A NATURAL FEEL - These FootSoothers® Orthotic insoles have ergonomically advanced high arch insoles which aim to provide both stability and flexibility to the users by absorbing the impact of stress on the high pressure points particularly in the heel and arch area of the foot area. Bottom SKELECORE plate provides the ULTIMATE rigidity and support!

FOOTSOOTHERS PRONATION FOOT CORRECTION SYSTEM - Our Insoles feature our foot correction system which is technologically advancement in foot control and stabilization. Developed in lab conditions with test data spanning the last decade, these insoles provide the ultimate foot balance arch support required for the day to day rigors of life.

TRILAYER SHOCK ABSORPTION – We all understand that having a rigid arch support is paramount in providing the ultimate pain relief from plantar fasciitis however we have taken this to the next level and added in a trilayer of shock absorption. This layer is built up of 3 level which provide the definitive cushioning required for basic daily walking right up to extreme sports. These insoles offer both long-lasting durability and leading levels of comfort.

FULL LENGTH INSOLES ARE VERSATILE TO FIT IN A VARIETY OF FOOTWEAR - Ideal for all-day comfort and support in your footwear. Excellent inserts for preventing and alleviating pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel or arch pain and discomfort, Knee and back pain, mild pronation and sore/aching feet. CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE ; PODIATRIST GRADE.

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