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Edison XXII Elite Podiatry 3/4 ArchPlus Orthotic Arched Plantar Fasciitis Support

New Edison XXII Elite Podiatry 3/4 ArchPlus Orthotic Arched Plantar Fasciitis Support
  • £11.99

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WHY PURCHASE FOOTSOOTHERS EDISON XXII ELITE PODIATRY: We are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufactures of plantar fasciitis insoles. We pride ourselves on selling high quality insoles to look after your feet. We only use the best quality materials and not grade 2 materials which lose form and construction. Our designs are used and checked by podiatrists in the NHS. Let us look after your feet

WHAT CONDITIONS WILL THESE INSOLES HELP WITH: These insoles are proven to help with runner's knee, shin splints and achilles tendinitis. Our FootSoothers Shoe inserts relieves metatarsal arch and heel pain, corrects abnormal walking patterns allowing you to reach your natural gait; relieves metatarsalgia which is pain in the ball of your foot; helps with patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain), plantar fasciitis resulting in lower back pain relief.

Edison XXII ELITE PODIATRY 3/4 ARCHPLUS INSOLES KEY FEATURE: They will provide all day shock absorption and comfort due to their unique construction. They are made with a medium firmness medical grade material, with genuine Poron pads which is rare compared to other insoles. This helps with key comfort and stabilization: not over working the muscles in your feet. Designed with the FootSoothers pronation and foot correction system. These are brilliant arch insoles providing support for over pronation for women and men who need insoles.

  • 3/4 Form factor providing excellent support without taking up unnecessary space in your footwear
  • Arch support insoles which are excellent for plantar fasciitis for both men and women
  • Air channel bar on the heel of insoles to provide excellent stabilization
  • Air  pocket holes in arch to provide a breathable fresh feel all day long
  • Poron fore pad stabilizer for unrivalled support




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