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About Us

Foot Soothers® – You’re personal Wellbeing Assistant


One Mission – One Vision – One Dream

At Foot Soothers, our vision is to provide revolutionary dynamic health care products to ensure you

Soothe • Move • Live


Who are FootSoothers?

FootSoothersÒ is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of dynamic orthotics & lifestyle insoles, innovative foot and toe care protective items and general wellbeing feet & body supports.

Your Feet is a marvel of engineering and keeping it in the best condition you can, keeps your general wellbeing a positive outlook. Whether your day is spent on your feet mostly or sat at an office desk, optimum performance begins from your feet up!

The FootSoothersÒ team of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals work with podiatrists and focus groups to ensure we provide a wide range of insoles & supports to help you restore your natural health and wellbeing and provide you with comfort in the pain relief goods we design and are proud to place the ‘FootSoothers’ identity on.

With our years of experience and knowledge within the industry and our ethos to remain passionate in upholding a reputable brand, we are constantly evolving to ensure our products meet the customer’s expectations allowing us to become the leading specialist in foot care products worldwide.

At the forefront of your shopping experience here online at FootSoothers or any of our subsidiary companies we maintain, including ‘BackSoothers’ & ‘Edison Podiatry’, we aim to provide you with an excellent customer service, informative product advice and support, premium quality and technologically advanced products at affordable prices without diminishing the product.

We offer super quick delivery with FREE UK Delivery across the whole of the UK, but if your outside of the UK – fear not as our products do reach a worldwide audience. Check out our delivery rates at checkout and see where the patters of our healthy, happy feet can reach.

We always welcome, and appreciate our customer’s product and shopping experience feedback. So if you have any queries or comments which you feel will help FootSoothers maintain our goals, get in touch with us via our online contact page. One of our friendly qualified team members will be in touch with you shortly.


Thank you for your interest in the FootSoothersÒ brand, we hope your shopping experience is simple & hassle free but most importantly, we hope that FootSoothersÒ helps you to • Soothe, • Move • Live